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We believe that God is the creator of heaven and earth and therefore the Sovereign ruler, owner and chief operator.  He is the King of heaven and earth.  God is not only the creator of heaven and earth, He is our creator.  According the Genesis 1:26-28, He created us, all humanity, in His image and likeness.  He gave us dominion over the earth.   In other words, as His sons and daughters, we are to look like Him and to act like Him.  We are to rule on the earth as he rules in heaven.   However, Genesis 3 gives the account of humanity’s fall and subsequent loss of dominion over the earth.  We were disconnected from God, disqualified to represent Him on earth and doomed not only to physical death but also eternal separation from His presence.
However,  Jesus came to restore us back to our original place of relationship with God our Father as His sons and daughters.  
When Jesus walked the face of the earth this is the “good news” that He came to preach, “repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” 
The Kingdom of Heaven is God’s rulership in us.  It is our submission to His will, His ways, and His words so we can bring other sons and daughters back into right relationship with Him.   We are now citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven and responsible to represent our King and His Kingdom in every sphere on the earth.   We are partners with God our Father and therefore partners with His sons and daughters.  We want to live out in our every day expression, Matthew 6:10 “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
Below is a list of organizations and businesses that our Apostle Steven Holt and various members of our congregation are in involved with for the specific purpose of demonstrating and advancing God’s Kingdom in the earth.   We believe that God’s presence in the community brings spiritual life, beauty, healing, hope, mental health & wellness, wisdom, safety, integrity, equity, morality, unity, prosperity, and success.  Therefore we are committed to partnering with other sons and daughters to bring God’s presence back into our communities and beyond.  These partnerships encompass a variety of spheres within our community, our city and extends internationally.

New Era Apostleship Restitution Collaborative


Christian Green Cleaning Company

Portland Housing Bureau

Warner Pacific University

Price University

Best Brows In Portland